Flight bookings

  • 30 mints before time at airside.
  • Must be in full uniform gear.
  • Must have all the required gear & documentation.
  • Headsets.
  • Logbook.
  • Nav log.
  • Progress book.
  • M5 -Memp.
  • Rulers.
  • Crew insurance valid.
  • Check list.
  • Must have an extra pair of glasses specs.
  • Bookings can only be cancelled 4 hours prior to the booking.
  • Weekly briefings will be provided alongside the name of the instructor.
  • Late cancellation will articulate a 35% penalty of the booked slot.

Class attendance

  • 80% of the class attendance for exams
  • Exam pass mark is 75%


  • Class attendance of 80%
  • Pass mark 75%
  • Retake on missed exams or failure
  • Ground completion certificate after ground completion exams & mocks
  • Projects, CATS, Assignments form 30 % of failed exams marks


  • No drinking, no drugs allowed in the premises.
  • Time keeping.
  • Class & Briefings disruption.
  • KCAA rule & regulations.
  • No cheating on exams.
  • No fighting.
  • School & club retain the right for admission.

Cleanliness & tidiness

  • Self grooming.
  • Leaving the AC & premises clean.
  • No littering the airside or classes.
  • Breaking & destruction mutilation  books, school property will be replaced at students cost if it was deliberate.


  • Continuity and renewal of S.P.L or P.P.L depends on successful medical renewal by an approved AME
  • Should report any accident or illness that incapacitates one from flight for more than 21 days
  • Should fill a medical form with all medical history details
  • Must fill & sign a medical & accident inclemently form
  • Provide contacts of family doctor if any & emergency contact
  • Must maintain BMI & fitness


  • Select a mode of payment & packages
  • Payment currency accepted between USD & KSH
  • Fees only paid to the PIC Account, by either cash deposit, cheque deposit, M-pesa, ++, or RTGS
  • Payment once made is non refundable
  • Flights done will be recorded in the flight logbook, tech log &authorization by both the instructors & students’ signatures
  • All payment must be receipted
  • Payments must be done before flight commencement


  • Progress books
  • Nav logs
  • Flight plan
  • Personal flight logbook
  • Ground logbooks

Preflight & post flight briefings

  • Must attend 14 briefings before start of the flight
  • Radio telephony briefings

Can only start to log flights

  • Must have S.P.L license -Minimum age of +17 years
  • Must have S.P.L license -14 briefings
  • One can only fly up to shows before age 17 years
  • Flights under the KCAA rules & regulations