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Over 100 years ago the concept of human flight began with a simple dream that became reality. Since then the age old dream has captivated millions of aviators across the world. The appeal of the adventure of flight has since evolved across commercial as well as private ventures. The bondless freedom, euphoric elation and immense joy brought about by flight has been central to the innovation and evolution of the Aviation industry throughout the world.

Pilot in Command (PIC) is a contemporary Aviation Club that seeks to augment the Art ...

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Our Course

We Offer Courses that are regulated and allowed by the KCAA and are eligible to offer the needed licenses by going through the needed classes and practicum to be considered by the KCAA.

PPL - Private Pilot License course

A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is a license that permits the holder to act as the pilot-in-command of an aircraft privately (not for pay).

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CPL - Commercial pilot license course

You can look forward to joining a reputable flight training program in a privileged institution.

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Flight operations & dispatch

Flight dispatchers are considered in the modern day as an essential framework of the airline industry.

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Airline cabin crew

Training of such important people is cruisual and must meet international standard. Join Us today by taking a course that will see you excell and reach your vision.

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Aeronautical engineering

Aeronautical engineering degrees represent the branch of engineering that deals with the research, design, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft.

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Financing & Fee Structure

The Aviation industry in Kenya

The Aviation industry in Kenya has registered tremendous growth over the years. This has seen innovative service delivery, efficiency and professionalism becoming an integral part of the

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One of two options offered by PIC.

This can be achieved through one of two programmes offered by PIC. The first option is solely centred on young students aged between 13- 19 years. In this case we partner with several

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The second option offered by PIC.

The second option focuses on individuals above 19 years who meet the stipulated qualifications to pursue a carrier in Aviation. In this instance prospective students will will make a small down

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